Canadian jobs are at stake.

Bill C-69 will have a debilitating impact on Canada’s economy the jobs of hard-working Canadians.

What is Bill C-69?

If passed, the National Energy Board will be replaced by a new agency that is tasked with assessing energy projects. The bill provides no hard timelines at important stages of a project’s review and introduces more red-tape which will hold up project approvals.

Bill C-69 adds new layers of bureaucracy, higher costs, and lengthier delays to project approvals. It does not encourage investment in Canada’s natural resources. The new agency is not directed to assess job-creation, investment, or the growth of provincial economies. Above all, it does not put Canadians jobs first. 

Earlier this year, the Federal Government introduced Bill C-69 as an attempt to impose new environmental assessment measures on Canada’s resource sector.

Canada and Canadians will pay the price in lost jobs and opportunity.

Canada’s natural resources have long been the backbone of our prosperity. But just as we should be building natural resource projects, the federal government is creating greater uncertainty for those who want to create jobs in Canada.

Enter Save Canadian Jobs.

We believe that at a time when we should be building natural resource projects to secure a prosperous future, the federal government should not be creating greater uncertainty for hard-working Canadians.

Through our advocacy efforts, we seek to raise awareness about the negative effects of Bill C-69, and mobilize like-minded Canadians to take action through contacting Senators and elected Members of Parliament.

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Join the movement to fix Bill C-69 and protect Canadian jobs.

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Join a coalition of like-minded Canadians and make sure the Senate knows it's time to FIX BILL C-69.